Turmeric Tamarind Tonic. A traditional tonic from Bali, made right here in London. Known locally as Jamu, a daily glass of turmeric is advocated by Indonesians of all ages for its purifying, healing and beautifying powers. Ours is made in small batches for maximum freshness and taste, using native southeast Asian herbs and spices that are freshly ground and brewed to fully activate their nourishing properties, producing a vibrant gold liquid.


Jamu is a 5,000 year-old system of natural healing from Indonesia, similar to Ayurveda, the traditional healing system of India. It relies solely on the power of roots, herbs, spices and barks to cure whatever ails you. Turmeric Tamarind Tonic is the most popular type of Jamu in Indonesia. It's made at home according to sacred family recipes passed down from generation to generation, and sold hawker-style to nearby neighbours and friends throughout the islands of Bali and Java.

Tangy and aromatic with hints of citrusy spice.



We call it the hangover cure. Turmeric supports the liver with detoxification, cleansing toxic overload, purifying the blood, reducing inflammation, and preventing blood clotting. Tamarind is cooling, rich in antioxidants, boosts the metabolism, suppresses the appetite and lowers blood sugar levels.

  • fresh root turmeric
  • fresh root ginger
  • fermented tamarind
  • coconut blossom nectar
  • cubeb pepper
  • lime 


per 100ml:

Energy 48.5 KCal - 202.9KJ - Fat 0.6g of which: Saturates 0.2g Carbohydrate 10.9g of which: Sugars 4,7 g - Protein 0.8g - Fiber 1.6g - Salt <0.1g